London Borough of Waltham Forest

London Borough of Waltham Forest Housing Registration Form



Welcome to the online housing application form for the London Borough Of Waltham Forest..............

Please Note – It is very important that you complete each section of the form as requested. If you do not do so you will not be able to submit your application and will not be included on the housing register.

You will also need to enter information promptly. If you leave the application form open for more than 20 minutes while you look for the information you need to answer questions, you may find that the form has closed. You will need to start again as no information will have been saved.

We strongly recommend that you collect the following information before you start, and have it close to hand when completing the on-line application:

When we refer to household members in this form we are only referring to you and the people you want to be rehoused with you.

Please note that there is a severe shortage of larger family homes with three and four bedrooms. Do not include anyone who is only staying with you temporarily as this will greatly reduce the prospects of us ever being able to help you  

  • Full names and dates of birth for all applicants and household members
  • National Insurance numbers for all adult applicants and household members
  • Details of immigration status for all household members
  • Full address history for the last 5 years for sole or joint applicants including date moved in, date left and full postcode for each address
  • Details of anyone who requires support from, or gives support to, the household
  • Details of health or disability of any household member
  • Details of any support worker and/or someone you wish to deal with your application on your behalf
  • Details of any household member who is related to an employee or councillor of LB Waltham Forest Council
  • Details of any household member who has had action taken against them due to anti-social behaviour or been evicted for rent arrears.


The Council services are open to all and it is committed to treating everyone fairly. To help us to do this, we need to know some details about you. Please provide information that best describes you. Your answer to questions relating to your ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation will not be used as part of your application but will allow Housing Services to ensure that your needs are met as far as possible and our services provided fairly.

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